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Year 6: Max Richter Class

Welcome to Max Richter, the current year 6 class. For our first half term we will be beginning our journey towards SATS with great passion and vigour.

In writing we will begin with the novel Skellig by David Arnold. We will be using this to write a variety of styles (diary entry, recount, letter, alternative ending to a story). This will be followed using non-fictional texts, dairies and biographical work related to Charles Darwin. These will be used to support organising non-fictional writing.  Alongside this will be weekly discreet grammar lessons, which will be integrated into the writing lessons. The focus for this term will be on sentence type (simple, compound, complex), clauses within sentences (main, subordinate, relative), passive and active voice, and past/present perfect tense. This will form the basis for writing weekly homework.

In maths we will be focusing on the place value and the 4 operations. Within place value the children will be: reading and writing numbers up to 10 million; comparing and ordering numbers; rounding numbers and working with negative numbers. As part of the four operations we will be learning to multiply 3 digit by 2 digit numbers; long division, common factors and multiples, primes, square numbers, cube numbers, order of operations and reasoning from known facts.

For topic we are studying the ancient Mayans; their lifestyles; when and where they lived; different elements of Mayan society; Mayan inventions and the food that they grew and ate. To support this we will be visiting the Chocolate Factory in Brixton to learn how the Mayans made chocolate

For science we are studying evolution and how living organisms are affected by either inherited or environmental factors. We will also be looking at the scientists Darwin, Anning and Wallace to compare their findings and the impact they have had on the world.

In computing we will be learning about how to stay safe in the virtual world. This will cover our rights and responsibilities when communicating in a virtual world and what to do in challenging situations.

In art we will be learning about sketching the face and figure, proportion and how this helps draw. Then we will move onto communicating observations or ideas in painting.

In RE our topic is Hopes Dreams and Destiny.  This will cover how to treat people fairly and take in the lives of Ghandi, Harriet Tubmam and Rosa Parks.

For music we are studying song structure; how they are used in songs and how you identify song structures.

For PE we are using tennis to help improve agility, control, balance and movement. PE is on Friday afternoons. Please ensure that your child has the appropriate kit for these lessons.  If your child is participating in PE, please provide a letter with reasonable detail.

Finally in PSHCE we are looking at new beginnings which helps discuss and manage feelings. We look at difference in society and how this can be valued. We have the police coming in to talk to the children how to stay safe out of school, the Red Cross to offer advice on first aid and a visit to Highgate Fire Station to take part in the Camden Junior Citizenship scheme.

Homework: This will be given out on a Thursday to be brought back the following Tuesday. Please ensure that your children read for at least 15 minutes every day. The more time you spend with your children supporting their learning the more progress they.