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Year 5

The Winter's Tale

Learn the song

Download and read the script. We'll be practising most days now, not just when Jack is here directing us.

Extra Homework

Philosophy - An interesting perspective on giving to the needy
Listen here

Topic - Stephen Fry talks about 'the most important invention in human history'
Listen here (he starts talking about it at 10m40s but the bit before that is interesting too)


14th Jun - learn the order of names in The Winter's Tale, make your part loud and expressive and learn the song

7th Jun - reading comprehension and place value / four operations (for green table)

17th Apr - using new words to describe Leontes/Hermione and converting time measurements

10th Apr - Renaissance research and coordinate problem solving

3rd Apr - making a comic on the Princess' Blankets and MyMaths angle games

26th Apr - subordinate clauses and data problem solving

19th Apr - reading comp and interpreting date from line graphs



11th May
Group 1: homophones Group 2: same as group 1 Group 3: -en
morning/mourning wooden
guessed/guest given
lead/led wooden
advice/advise rotten
passed/past often

Spring term 2 spellings
Spring term 1 spellings

Autumn term 1 spellings

Autumn term 2 spellings 


Summer Term Overview


This term Year 5 will be focusing on Shakespeare’s play The Winter’s Tale. We will be using the play to make cross-curricular links between writing, history, geography and art. The themes of the story will also crop up throughout the rest of the year in our philosophical discussions. Our deep-dive into this story is largely intended to improve our writing. In support of this we will be working with The Primary Shakespeare Company to have weekly drama sessions based on the play. We will eventually be allocated a small piece of the play to learn ready to perform with other schools at Haverstock Secondary School (show-time :  10am Fri 22nd June). Children will be given one ticket for a parent/carer to come see the show.

Our Shakespearean topic focus will lead us all around the Renaissance in England and Europe. Children will learn about some of the people, ideas and impacts of this revolutionary time.

During science we will be revisiting animals/plants and their habitats (most recently taught in year 3). The second half of this topic will lead us from mammals to human reproduction and possibly this class’ first discussions about human reproduction and puberty. If you would like to know more about how we will cover this topic please visit one of the Yr5 teachers. Next half term we will move onto studying Earth and space, culminating in a trip to Greenwich Observatory on 11th July.

We will be using computers to publish more of our writing this term using Word, which you should expect to come home with the children! We will also be using computers to program and debug code using Scratch. This is free software (available here) so any practise your children can get home would be beneficial.

In PE we will be developing our cricket skills before the half-term holiday and doing athletics afterwards.

Trips this term:

Fri 22nd June - The Winter's Tale show at Haverstock Secondary School in Chalk Farm

Tue 26th June - Topic/Writing: The Globe in Southwark

Wed 11th July - Science: Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich

Fri 13th July - RE: Central Gurdwara in Shepherds Bush