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Year 2


Angel Falls Class

Summer Term 2

There is much to look forward to in this last half term before the summer holidays. 

Our main theme is led by the wonderful stories about Katie Morag.  The stories offer opportunities for writing in role, letters, narratives and descriptions.  There are excellent links with our geography topic as the children will be comparing a rural coastal environment to the city of London.  This will lead to non-fiction writing: a brochure to encourage visitors to the Isle of Struay.

Geography skills will also be taught alongside the creative writing: how to read simple grid references; follow a route; recognise and locate geographical features on a map.

The children thoroughly enjoyed observing how our caterpillars morphed in to Painted Lady butterflies.  We watched in awe as the butterflies were released into the school garden.  They even paid a visit to some rather bright flowers in the play ground the next day!

Our science continues now with more growing, this time how seeds germinate and grow into mature plants.  The children will learn about the conditions required for healthy growth.

We also learn about healthy growth in humans as part of our PHSCE topic, which will also include learning about the biological differences in male and female animals and their role in the life cycle.

Being healthy continues as a theme as we learn how to prepare and make a healthy picnic lunch.

In RE we continue to learn about sacred spaces and how people of different faiths use these spaces.

The children are learning how to code and de-bug using our new on-line computing resource: Purple Mash.  The pupils are able to log in at home in order to consolidate their skills in coding.  This resource also includes writing templates which we will learn to use to present our holiday brochure writing.

Friday – Dance in the hall 3 weeks.  Gymnastics for 4 weeks.

Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit for these lessons. Generally speaking, if your child is well enough to come to school, the expectation is that they will participate in the PE lesson. However, if there are any particular circumstances, please speak to the teacher.


As we learnt about Pointillism last half term and how to blend colours from other pure colours, we are now exploring the use of collage as a means to blend colour, pattern and texture. 


The children will learn songs for a performance at the Camden Cluster Festival which will be held at Hampstead Parochial School on 25th June (am) .

This is not a concert for parents but if you are able to help on the day, please let us know.



Homework is handed out on Thursdays and due back on Tuesdays.

Please check that your child understands what they have to do. The homework is meant to consolidate learning and should be done independently. It will usually be work that has previously been taught in class or sometimes a ’finding out’ homework, for example interviewing a relative. If you have a query, please speak to Miss Gray or Ms Smith.  


Some of our spelling work will include new patterns, but for this half term we would like to stress the importance of proof reading and ensuring that high frequency words are spelt correctly.


Reading groups will continue as before, though some pupils may not need to change their reading books so  frequently as they are reading longer books.

In preparation for Key Stage 3, we have introduced reading journals and expect the pupils to respond to simple prompts in order to show their depth of understanding in their independent reading.

It is essential that children both read and discuss books frequently at home, not only to help with decoding and vocabulary, but also with understanding.

We are changing books when the children need to, as some children are now reading longer stories.   If your child needs an extra book, please see Miss Gray or Ms Smith.


  • Camden Cluster Festival:  Monday 25th June AM,  at Hampstead Parochial School

This is a class trip rather than a concert for parents, but if you are able to help on the day, please let us know.  The children can listen to all the songs, following the link to Cluster Festival Resources 2018 at:

  • Broadstairs sea side trip: Thursday, 21st June - thank you to everyone who offered help, we now have the required ratio of adult to children. Parents have been informed whether they are accompanying us on the day.
  • East London Mosque : Friday 20th July , am - We will require parent helper for this trip.


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Summer term 2 spelling list



















A very special visit.. (10 images)

We had a very exciting afternoon thanks to a visit from West Hampstead firefighters. They talked to us about their jobs and gave us lots of facts about the engine as well as how to look for hazards at home. We even got a chance to have a go with the hose!

Created: 21 Feb 17 17:37 | Last modified: 21 Feb 17 17:39

The Fire of London Revisited (24 images)

Year 2 explored how the Great Fire of London spread by burning our own model houses.

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Year 2 Trip to Kidzania (0 images)

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Year 2 Christingle making (6 images)

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Year 2 Nativity (23 images)

Nativity and Christingles December 2016

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2016 Nativity (23 images)

Year 2 Christingles

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Year 2 trip to the CLC (2 images)

Year 2 went on a visit to the Camden Learning Centre to learn about coding. Here are a couple of examples of our work.

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Science- spreading germs! (6 images)

We investigated how germs spread and how to wash our hands effectively. Our lucky volunteers coated their hands in oil and then flour to represent germs whilst the class predicted what would remove the most dirt. The choice was out of using a combination of soap, no soap, hot or cold water. It was quite messy and quite shocking to see how thoroughly we needed to wash our hands. We then practised good handwashing techniques.

Created: 29 Apr 16 16:24 | Last modified: 29 Apr 16 16:25

Year 2 Watercolours on the Hill (6 images)

On Wednesday we were very lucky to have an artist who specialises in watercolours to take us up Primrose Hill to paint the view. Our focus was trees and fortunately we managed to catch some sunshine too! We were working on using different brushes and layering colour.

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Y1 3D Wild Things (7 images)

We recycled materials to make our own wild things. Do you like them?

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Y1 DT (26 images)

We made 'Gruffalo crumble' by listening and following instructions. It tasted delicious!

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